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This needs work. But I thought I’d give it a try. Don’t take it as a writing sample. These are just thoughts I jotted down when I was feeling down. The rhythm needs work. I wasn’t shooting for any form. After spending yet another day exploring places to submit work and seeing a lot of poetry and fiction when I was told there wasn’t much of a market for those, and after reading a little Isiah, I was in a poetry kind of mood.

I believed in the 70’s

The ads they said

Can’t get anywhere without that sheepskin, son

That sheepskin it’s worthless

It cost me a lot

I was a substitute

No hope of going higher

I soon emptied bed pans

Training only 2 weeks

Dedicated to God

Just like washing His feet

Years, years, years

Church, husband, kids

Volunteer, taxi, work

For every 45 I make

Agency leaves 10

Need to do more

Another sheepskin to teach

Substitute again

Credentials impressive, but

Never get the jobs

Supplement in retail

Weekends; late nights

Early morning to substitute

School loans to pay

With the interest they are

More than they started

A lot of good those sheepskins did

Soon I’ll wish for a sheepskin

to block out the cold

hope life gets better

I’m already old

If I’m climbing at all

I’m getting behind

Education, experience

To me it’s no use

Where did it get me

I’m in the caboose

Recognition means nothing

There’s bills to be paid


I covet your feedback.

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