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I have been substitute teaching for six years and certified to teach. I have not put in more than one teaching application this year. I figured “what’s the point?” Just by looking at me I guess principals make assumptions that I wouldn’t fit into their goals for getting top honors from education deformers as the assailedteacher calls the reformers. This is a great blog. I agree with his primary message that those who want to demonize teachers and devalue education don’t know what they are missing. I am supplementing teaching with writing, hopefully soon will be supplementing income from writing with substitute teaching.

Before I stopped submitting new applications and sending out resumes I complained that no one actually saw me at work. I am a great teacher and becoming better all the time. I love teaching and my students. I am “in the zone” in front of the classroom. Nothing is more important than helping students to think. But no one who can give me a recommendation takes notice of me. I guess it doesn’t help that I don’t schmooze with administrators during time I instead devote to my students. I have this nagging voice inside me (or is it from other places in society like the Republican candidates and those criticizing Occupy Wall Street) to make another plan.

What I want to do with many future posts is praise the wonderful teachers I often work with. I want to showcase just how amazing they are. I don’t think anyone realizes just how hard they work. One of the reasons I get to observe these teachers in action is I accept a lot of special education assignments. It is true that administrators only officially observe and evaluate teachers only a couple of times a year. I get to see what they do not. 180 days a year these teachers give of themselves in classrooms of increasingly more students and limited funds. They plan activities designed to help students learn the required material and explore more deeply to think about how it affects themselves and their world now and in the future. They show up early and stay late to provide additional opportunities to learn. They coach, facilitate clubs, and communicate with parents. They understand how to reach their students and are experts on the subject they teach. Only passion for helping the students make the world a better place can teachers undergo all the criticism and undervaluing that politicians put them through today. They are really top notch professionals who have a vision and a calling.


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