Baby Brain Food by Lindsay Bandy

We are doing something very important writing for early pre-readers.


Do you write or illustrate for very young children? Then remember, you’re not “just” making a picture book or board book. You’re making baby brain food!

Brain Food

You’re setting the foundation for your little readers’ future love of books, their future success in school across subjects, and their future ability to accomplish their goals and dreams. You’re cultivating an audience for middle grade and YA authors, too. Reading is integral to overall learning, in biology, history, aerospace engineering, child development, and neuroscience. Besides all that, you’re giving families and teachers something to talk about, something to snuggle around, and a learning tool. You’re giving a gift that will be given over and over again, that will carry over into a child’s future.

As I was walking my daughter through the halls to her kindergarten classroom for Back to School Night, I was reminded of the multitude of important people that have made the…

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