Quick Update

Strong Beginnings

Strong Beginnings (Photo credit: heraldpost)


I have been absent. I am sorry I have not published in a very long time.




I gave up on ever finding a full-time professional teaching position. However, last-minute this past August 2013, I was offered a Pre-Kindergarten class. At first I was not going to take it because my certification is K-5, but the school where I enjoyed substitute teaching the most contracted with a substitute teaching agency. I am very happy with my new class. I belong here. I was made for this. This is my calling.


It took eight years from the time I started this journey to find my dream. It took time for me to grow as a person as well.  There were too many things going on in my own life to add more challenges. Once I changed, I enjoyed teaching so much that it was my only focus while I was in the classroom. I just needed someone to notice how good I was. Competition for jobs being what it is these days, the jobs went to twenty-three year-olds with relatives and friends in the system.


I wanted to make a difference in a public high need district. God opened a door for me in a private school. The students are the same everywhere. All students need good teachers. I am still making a difference.


With lesson plans and acquiring supplies, I have not been able to devote any time to writing. I still consider myself a writer and intend to get back to it. Perhaps this vacation. I am always making up songs and poems in class. My students provide me with plenty of inspiration. Writing is still part of who I am. Perhaps the hiatus will benefit my writing. Time will tell.