Just a …


Grammodes justa

Grammodes justa (Photo credit: dhobern)

Just a was my identity for at least half of my life.

Just a hangs her head low

Just a is always there

Just a is small


Just a is not unique

Justa is not precious

Justa is not special

Justa is only common


Justa is a child of nobody important

Justa is the maintenance man who keeps you safe

Justa is the retail worker who gets what you’re looking for

Justa is the utility worker who keeps the power on


Justa is the delivery person who brings care packages

Justa is the nurse’s aide who shows dignity and respect

Justa is the home health aide who loves your parents

Justa is the substitute teacher who brings fresh understandings


“Just a” grates me like nails on a chalkboard

Just a is quiet and sharp

Just a is real like the Velveteen Rabbit

Just as important as, real as you.