Jumping for Joy


Who is Valerie R. Federoff? 

106408197711121CDPI am a hick from the boonies of Washington County in Southwestern Pennsylvania. In the woods and the country is where I feel at home. During my childhood life was much like Mayberry RFD, except when it was more like Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. I also feel energized in the big city. During college at in Pittsburgh, PA I dreamed of being like Mary Tyler Moore and loved the places I could go within minutes walking or hoping a bus. Somehow, I am stuck in the middle, in a fast-paced suburban/urban area where I have to use a car to get anywhere.

Whether car, bicycle, or foot I have had to learn to be assertive, not passive, not aggressive, and not passive/aggressive. I had to learn I have value. I still err on the side of too polite but am learning to wedge my way onto the road too, to make other people mind their manners, and share the lane with me.

It isn’t about what’s fair. It’s about what’s promised to citizens of the United States of America. It is a teaching from the media and from pre-school to high school. I believed the maxim if I worked hard and acted rightly, I would achieve success and prosperity. So, I worked hard and acted rightly like so many others trying to merge in with traffic on life’s highway. I shouldn’t have to “know somebody” to get a good job that rewards my education, experience, and hard work.

Here I am keeping my “day job” for now and working toward prosperity on my own. I have stories to tell, both true and creative. Sometimes I tell them from the quiet, soul-stirring woods and meadows from my childhood. Sometimes I tell them from the energy of the awesomely diverse city. And sometimes I squeeze out a tale of struggle and triumph.

Joy! Once I stopped looking a teaching job found me. I had been offered Pre-K positions before, but I declined thinking I didn’t have the predisposition for children in preschool. I found that I love them and love teaching them. God made me for this and made this for me.

My writing skills include:

My BA in Sociology/Psychology helps me create societies and characters. My MA in Teaching helps me present nonfiction subjects that audiences grasp, engage in, and act on.

Writing courses beyond college include:


Publication credits and accomplishments include:


  • How to Survive: Tips Cycling; Spoke’n Word Newsletter; South Jersey Wheelmen, Sept. 2012
  •  Taking a Long Distance Bus Trip, Yahoo! Voices, Aug. 2012
  •  Traveling Around Chicago, Yahoo! Voices, Sept, 2012


I covet your feedback.

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